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The Economic & Social Impact of the Arts Report (June 2007)

Every five years the Commission on Arts and Culture surveys the arts and culural community and compiles this report. The Economic & Social Importance of the Arts in the Grand Valley is a four-page report provided as a PDF.

Some key findings in the report:

Economic Highlights

  • Arts & culture had a $27 million impact on the local economy in 2006
  • Grand Valley arts & cultural organizations & agencies spent $10 million in total operating expenditures
  • Arts & cultural organizations also invested $900,000 in capital project spending
  • This direct arts & cultural spending totaled $11 million, which generated another $16 million in indirect spending-totaling a $27 million impact to the community
  • Arts & cultural organizations & agencies took in $11 million in revenue, a 60% increase over total income in 2000, the last year data was collected (this includes both nonprofit organizations and govt. agencies that provide arts & cultural activities, facilities & programming)
  • Income for nonprofit arts & cultural organizations (excluding govt. agencies) increased 30% over 2000
  • Nonprofit arts & cultural organizations support 137 full time equivalent jobs at 18 different organizations or agencies-199 people work at full time or part-time jobs in the cultural industry
  • Mesa County has 255 for profit arts-related businesses that employ 883 people-local "creative industries" based on artistic or creative endeavors, from artists, architects, designers, galleries, and musicians, to radio and television and audio/video/movie production/sales/rentals

Social Highlights

  • 552,046 people attended or visited arts & cultural events & facilities in 2006-a 55% increase over 2000, the last year data was collected
  • 64 local arts & cultural organizations & agencies presented almost 2,000 events & activities in 2006-a 160% increase over 2000
  • Cultural activities attracted an estimated 98,000 attendees from outside Mesa County, bringing new money into the community
  • 3099 volunteers donated 144,795 hours to arts and cultural non-profits in 2006
  • Arts & cultural organizations boast over 15,000 paid members throughout Western Colorado
  • In 2006 there were 283,000 free admissions to cultural events or facilities (50% of total attendance/visits), making arts and culture more accessible and available to everyone

City of Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture

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