Our Board

The Commission is governed by an 11 member volunteer board appointed by the City Council.

Left to right: Sarah Dishong (Chair), Honora Thompson, Matt Janson, Gary Ambrosier, Kristian Hartter (vice-chair), Donna Fullerton,John Cooper, Kelley Raymond, Dean Harris, and Ron Cloyd

Meet the Arts Commission Board Members:

Gary Ambrosier(Appt 5/15; term ends 2/18)

Gary Ambrosier is a retired music teacher with teaching experience of over 35 years. He is currently the band director for the Grand Junction Centennial band.  Gary is currently the President of the Colorado Music Adjudicator Association for the Colorado High School Activity Association.

Gary is also involved with the community: playing for IHM; teaching CPR and 1st aide to organizations who need this skill.  He also teaches for WCCC Med Tech, CMU lineman and the Career Center. Gary involvement with music has him helping with the local schools: giving clinics, teaching trumpet lessons, guest conductor for various organizations.

Gary has been recognized and received several honors from the state organizations: Distinguished Service Award from Colorado High School Activity Association in 2010; National High School Federation Teacher of the year in 2011; Colorado Band Masters Hall of Fame in 2011; Colorado High School Activity Association Hall of Fame in 2013.

Ron Cloyd

(Appt 4/19; term ends 2/22)

Ron Cloyd has been a working clay artist for 24 years, with a focus on sculpture and fine art pottery. He has exhibited his work in a dozen galleries and numerous public exhibits during that time. He is one of the founding members of The Junction Clay Arts Guild and has served as president of the organization for over 10 years.

Ron has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the Creamery Art Center in Hotchkiss,  Colorado, and served for 2 years on the District 51 Elementary Arts Advisory Committee.

He teaches weekly clay sculpture classes at the Art Center, and taught clay sculpture to children for two summers at the Sunday Palisade farmers market.

Ron is also a frequent volunteer at the Art Center, mostly involved in exhibition preparation and installation, as well as children's education.

John Cooper

(Appt 4/19; term ends 2/22)

John Cooper was raised and educated in Arizona. Upon completing a Chemical Engineering degree from Arizona State University, he moved east to work first in the energy industry and then in the consumer products industry.

During his career, John traveled extensively and lived in several countries. Throughout these travels, he always took the opportunity to collect art exemplifying the local cultures. His collection emphasizes Asian art in multiple mediums, both traditional and contemporary.

After completing his career, John resolved to return to the West to be able to immerse himself in the western environment and cultures. As a result of a two-year search, he selected Grand Junction as his retirement locale. 

John is fully dedicated to the concept of giving back to his community and is excited to contribute to the ongoing cultural health and growth of Grand Junction. He strongly believes that art education is essential in training our children to be well-rounded citizens who, in turn, will contribute to their future communities and cultures.

Sarah Dishong - Chair

(Appt 4/17; term ends 2/20)

Sarah Meredith-Dishong is a Colorado native and raised in Grand Junction. She has been involved in the Grand Junction art community most of her working life. As a professional picture framer and amateur artist, she has worked closely with many of the talented artists in our community.

She hopes her wide variety of hobbies (including painting, camping, rock-hounding, hiking, photography, and even playing with her grandsons) will help offer a unique perspective for the future of the Grand Junction art community.

While running an art gallery on Main Street, she used her 25 years of experience to provide custom picture framing for many local clients and artists. On her down time, she will be found enjoying a quiet time with her family, painting or indulging in the breathtaking camping opportunities offered by the local landscape.

“Artists of every caliber: painters, musicians, dancers, actors, potters, etc., must come together to make our community stronger in artistic presence.”, is a firm belief of hers. Sarah’s philosophy on developing a strong art community is not for personal gain, but for truly seeking to build a stronger, more attractive, and compelling community. She believes that every creative industry brings a special element to our Grand Valley, increasing its appeal to become a cultural hub for Western Colorado.

Donna Fullerton

(Appt 4/18; term ends 2/21)

Donna Fullerton is a multi-faceted, working artist whose passions include photography, painting, travel, and music. In the Marine Corps Band, she played the flute and piccolo, eventually earning a degree in Flute Performance from Seminole State College. A perennial student, she continues her education with workshops and seminars in the arts.

She has been passionate about volunteering in numerous capacities including art and music instruction, community bands/choirs and working with the under served youth even teaching English to children in Brazil.

As a nature and portrait photographer, she has worked with or won awards from the following: NPS, NPF, PSA, International Audubon Society, DOI, and Walt Disney World. Being a lifelong lover of animals and the planet, her greatest honor was being published by National Geographic.

Outside of work, Donna is an art and culture enthusiast, attending openings and visiting museums in the
US and abroad with her husband, Steve.

Dean Harris(Appt 9/18; term ends 2/20)

Dean is a long-time lover of the visual and performing arts and member of vocal performing groups, including the Arvada Center Chorale and the Schumann Singers. Dean has served on the board of trustees for the Western Colorado Center for the Arts and the Thornton Community Chorus, and currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Mesa County Planning Commission. Dean is the Western Slope Area Manager for the Employers Council, representing, training, and advising employers on all aspects of employment law and human resources, including several cultural nonprofit organizations on the western slope.

Kristian Hartter -Vice Chair

(Appt 4/18; term ends 2/21)

Kristian Hartter was born and raised in Colorado and has proudly called Grand Junction home for 16 years. He has dabbled in arts from playing trumpet and bass guitar to mixed media collage work, stone sculpting, photography, blacksmithing, and even performing in community theater. He owned and operated two art galleries in the past few years, writes for local magazines, teaches continuing education classes at WCCC, and is active in helping produce arts events for the Grand Valley.

Having helped establish the Bookcliff HomeBrew Club as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, Kristian is excited to work with the commission to help other nonprofits and artists to continue to make Grand Junction a place where arts are fostered and will thrive. He believes in community service and the value of arts, both visual and performing, as not just part of society, but as fundamentals.

Kristian is currently owner/operator of Residential Window Service and is returning to CMU to continue his own education.


Matt Janson

(Appt 4/19; term ends 2/22)


Growing up in the mountains and deserts of Colorado has gifted Matt a keen eye for the art and beauty of the background that surrounds us. His natural ability to anticipate the ideal image before he clicks the shutter combined with his training from New York University Visual Art has led him to pursue photography as a passion as well as a career.

While he loved New York, Matt could never forget the call of the Grand Valley. The enormous mountains and vast deserts never left his thoughts. In mid-2012 Matt moved back to the valley to grow roots and reconnect with this home.

Whether it's hiking, biking,camping, or drinking tea on the edge of a cliff, Matt loves the outdoors. He takes every possible chance to nurture his inner explorer and experience the majesty that is Colorado.

Kelley Raymond 

  (Appt 4/19; term ends 2/22)

Kelly Raymond grew up in Michigan and moved to Colorado in 1998. Her first job in Grand Junction was at The Art Center. It was there that she met and began cultivating relationships with many local artists and became more involved with her community and aware of what a rich culture we have here in the valley. She has always had a love for the arts, as her mom is an artist. Kelley grew up surrounded by music, theater, visual and performing arts and was encouraged to create.

Kelley is also a singer-songwriter and was in the local rock band, Riveter, for almost 13 years. She is now working on her first solo recording in  collaboration with other local musicians. She also enjoys photography, focusing on portraits. "I find humans to be the most interesting subjects. Photos of people tell riveting stories."

Kelley and her son Elliott enjoy the outdoors and all that the surrounding mountains and high desert have to offer. They go on many hiking, camping and road trip adventures as well as travel abroad whenever they can. She is very excited to have the opportunity to give back to her community through the Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture.


Honora Thompson


(Appt 4/17; term ends 2/20)

Honora Thompson grew up playing piano and clarinet. As a child and young adult, she has fond memories of taking part in permanent community murals and studying music and photography. Honora has spent her career working in media, communications and marketing, and enjoys telling stories with video and sound.

Honora gained experience with grant funding through her work with a local nonprofit. She's also involved in organizations like the Mesa County Communications Officers’ Association 

Honora believes art and culture can provide a sense of belonging, celebrate an area’s uniqueness and inspire different perspectives. She enjoys First Friday events, Art on the Corner and seeing a variety of live performances.

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